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"I had excruciating shoulder & lower back pain, since I have been getting weekly massage treatments from Mike I can live life again I highly recommend Neuro Mike."

- Sophia, Burnside S.A.

"My shoulders were always painful and felt stiff and restricted my training and performance at the gym. Mike has been managing my neck, back & shoulders for over six months now and I feel alive again and full of energy thanks Mike ."

- Kerry, Norwood S.A.

"I am a Massage Therapist who had the sorest shoulders neck and back I could hardly move. Yesterday's session with Mike was incredible!

I can now move again! Mike is incredible :)

Highly Recommended!"

- Lynn, Port Noarlunga S.A.

"I have been seeing Neuro Mike for around 3 years I had been suffering from daily headaches, tight shoulders and sore back, due to my office job. Since seeing Mike my headaches have stopped occurring, and my pain in my tight shoulders and sore back has stopped. I feel I have a better range of movement in my shoulder than I have had previously. Mike has always been very professional, and a genuine person. I have referred my parents to him, who both see him now on a regular basis with me, and have recommended his services to my work colleagues. I am always impressed with Mike's services and look forward to my session every week."

N. Langes, Adelaide . S.A.

"To reflect my wife's and my pleasure in stating the great service and care we have received from Mike in our weekly visit to his office for SpinoPractic massage.

Both my wife and myself suffer from back pain and our visit to Mike always has a great relieving effect on us.

We can only say that Mike is very professional and knowledgeable in our dealings with him.

We have recommended him to a number of people, this is something we would not do if we were in any doubt to his ability, we will continue to use his services and recommend him to our friends."

J. H. Langes & W. Langes - Adelaide S.A.

"Absolute best"

F. Nicholas - Adelaide S.A

"Thanks Mike for a Spinopractic Massage consult. Feeling good."

A. Oxford - Brisbane QLD

"Just had the BEST massage ever again from Neuro Mike. I highly recommend him. He has helped me so much with my back pain. 

I went and saw Mike yesterday after years of chronic lower back pain. Mike did his magic and today I am actually walking upright and I am in no pain. I am absolutely amazed and so very thankful for his help. I am cutting down on the number of pain killers I need each day. I am gradually weening myself off of the pain killers and I am going to totally rely on Mike's magic hands. I would recommend Mike to any one who has issues with their back, neck, shoulders or stress as I am positive he can fix you. This massage is amazing. 

Neuro Mike's massages are like NO other and it is the BEST thing you can do with your clothes ON!!!!

Give Mike and his team a call and get your kinks worked out!

I highly recommend Neuro Mike and I am fussy!

This man is bloody AMAZING. I now make sure I make an appointment to see him every pay day so that I can keep my back pain free. I love my fortnightly massages. Thank you Mike!

This guy knows what he is doing, he can help you."

M. McKenzie-Rogers - Aldinga S.A.

"I tried Spinopractic Massage for the first time and I feel amazing. Mike is wonderfully professional and an expert in his field. I'll recommend him to anyone suffering from chronic pain."

M. Martino - Wynn Vale S.A.

"Brilliant Professional Service and amazing work from Mike really helped my headaches and neck. From getting 3-4 headaches a month down to 1 and sometimes none at all.... 100% Recommend seeing Mike as he will find where the core pains are in your body and help iron them out... Necks, back, hips, legs, arms, shoulder any part of the body can be worked on... From Athlete's to Home Bodies Spinopratic Massage is the way to go from never having this done before I can't go without now... Feel so refreshed after amazing how he works!!!! :)Thank You so much Mike"

M. Rymell - Adelaide S.A.

"Mike is absolutely amazing at what he does, very professional, informative and fixes the problem, I’ve had treatment from mike a couple times now and was amazed at how quickly I got results. Highly recommended 5/5"

A. Jones - Adelaide S.A.

"Just had an appointment. Feel fantastic! My neck was getting a bit stiff and my right shoulder was giving me a bit of grief just from being hunched over a computer desk and things like that. Feel the difference even after one visit! Book in."

A. Farquhar - Adelaide S.A

"Neuro Mike is a champion I trust with all my heart, body, and soul!

I 110% recommend a massage from him.

Book one today!"

L. Kennedy - Adelaide S.A

"This guy is really good!"

Jackie - Salisbury East S.A

"Amazing work & feel so relaxed thank u for today"

D. Diplock - Salisbury East S.A

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